Welcome to the Quinta

Welcome to the Quinta! We are building a ecovillageco-living community and retreat & workshop centre for GBT+ men in Portugal. Catch the latest news and updates check out our blog.

Find out more about our plans for living on and visiting the Quinta, including the retreats we are planning. If you are interested in contributing, giving us feedback, joining and living with us, we would love to hear from you! To contact us, please email hello@quinta.lgbt . And you can always stay connected with The Quinta on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

We are a proud member of The Fellowship for Intentional Community.


Lavender Hill

Another gorgeous short movie about an amazing queer coliving/commune project from years gone by: Lavender Hill. Post-stonewall, rural living, questioning gender and exploring the ups and downs of communal life. Definitely worth watching! Lavender Hill: a love story from RtChristopher on Vimeo.

Radical Faeries

Another great organisation that is still very much active today: the Radical Faeries. They are embracing lesbians, gay men, trans*, bisexuals, queer… people and offer “sanctuaries”, a cross between collective living spaces and “gathering” spaces,  in different parts of the world. If you want to find out more about the Faeries, here is a nice introduction …

LGBT Co-Living History

I love digging around in the fascinating and sadly not so well recorded history of Queer/LGBT-communes. One of the places I came across was Laurieston Hall, which used to be the spiritual home of the Edward Carpenter Community (ECC) and the Loving Men workshops. Although ECC isn’t a co-living community and Laurieston Hall wasn’t a …


To contact us, please contact hello@quinta.lgbt