Classic Theatre and Roman Ruins

The Quinta Project

The Alentejo and Extremadura region is full of amazing Roman remains… but the most spectacular of them all must be the ancient ruins of Mérida, or Emerita Augusta as it was known during the Roman times.
Mérida is, in fact, full of different remains: from the well-preserved “Temple of Diana” to aqueducts, a roman bridge over the river Guadiana, a circus… and the most spectacular of them all: the Roman “entertainment quarter”, consisting of a amphitheatre and a spectacular, and fairly well-preserved theatre.

This theatre is the setting of a unique annual festival: the International Classical Theatre Festival of Mérida. Running during July and August, the festival offers the unique chance to “relive” classical theatre as it was first performed: right in the roman theatre. It is also one of the most important festivals of this type worldwide, and, running since 1933, one of the oldest.

So if you are in the area during July and August, don’t forget to check out the festival’s programme. And watch Plato and contemporaries’ plays as the authors intended.

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