Found a place!

There are some great news from the Quinta Project: I have found an amazing space – and made an offer for it after visiting it for the second time. I won’t give too much away just yet, but it really is a little farm community, with several houses which can be turned into accommodation.  It also has lots of fruit and olive trees to start off the self-sufficiency project based on permaculture principles.

At the moment the solicitor is checking all the details and (fingers crossed) things will progress a little more quickly from here onwards!

2 thoughts on “Found a place!

  1. So Stephan , has the place materialised yet?
    Are you looking for people to join the community and live in yet .

    I am often asked if i know of places such as you are contemplating in Portugal and have some potential candidates in mind. Pleas keep me updated


    1. Dear Richard! Thank you for reaching out! I’m currently (or still?) in the process of completing the legal paperwork for the Quinta purchase. Unfortunately, some necessary permits haven’t been granted as yet and may still require a while to obtain, but I’ll keep you posted as soon as there is progress.
      Again, many thanks for reaching out!

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