Our Principles

The Quinta Project
The Quinta Project Sustainability Framework

The principles which guide The Quinta Project are based on the three pillars/interconnected circles model of sustainability, applied to the specific context of The Quinta Project as an LGBT+/queer-focused social enterprise.

We want to bring together the community – and communities around us. We do this primarily through our events.
We also actively work to be inclusive and welcoming, celebrate diversity and encourage our partners to do the same. For example, by promoting social business practices and working with suppliers that value diversity.

Our aim is to be an example of an environmentally focused, regenerative enterprise. We practice regenerative farming, convert our farm to rely where possible on sustainable energy, provide plant-based food and reduce waste.

We promote a culture which values inclusive, socially and environmentally sustainable business practices. This includes, promoting and sharing our journey as a social enterprise, and providing opportunities wherever possible for social enterprises in our community.