Quinta People – Who we are

Stephan Dahl, Ph.D. FRSA
Stephan is the founder of The Quinta Project and runs the day to day activities on the farm as well as promoting the work and provide outreach.
Stephan holds a Ph.D. in Cross-cultural Psychology, is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (UK) and Adjunct Associate Professor at James Cook University (Australia). He has been awarded London Pride Hero in recognition of his charity and educational work.
Before joining The Quinta Project he worked and taught at leading business schools in his native Germany, the UK, Portugal, Hong Kong, Colombia and Australia. He is the author of seven books and more than 50 other scholarly publications.

Members of the Advisory Board:

Kevin Scott Creed, MSc, FLS
Kevin brings expertise in permaculture, vegetable gardens and botanic horticulture.
Kevin is an experienced garden designer (London College of Garden Design Diploma), a Fellow of the Linnean Society and expert in horticulture. Trained at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew, for three years. Kevin has worked in his native US, as well as Italy, Spain and France. He is currently working at Chelsea Physic Garden, London.

Lynne Eagle, Ph.D.
Lynne brings skills in training young entrepreneurs and developing socially progressive businesses.
Lynne is Professor at James Cook University (Singapore) with expertise in Social Research, Ethics and Sustainability, Communication and Media. She has worked extensively with young entrepreneurs and in developing sustainable business in rural communities.

Mustafa Ebrahimjee, MRCGP, FAEG, RACGP
Mustafa consults The Quinta Project on topics related to health and well-being in the LGBTQ+ community
Mustafa is a general practitioner (medical doctor) trained at Moi University and a Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners, Fellow Ad Eundem Gradum and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioner. His published research focuses on healthy living and an active lifestyle.

Chi-yung Wong, MA
Chi-yung brings to The Quinta Project experience as a tutor, curator and artist.
An internationally renowned artist, Ch-yung has worked in his native Hong-Kong and across Europe, including Belgium, France and Switzerland, as artist at the intersection of art, education, science and mental health.

Victor Souza, Ph.D.
Victor brings his skills as food engineer to The Quinta Project, helping to develop our sustainable food production.
Victor holds a Ph.D. in Food Quality and is currently a researcher at NOVA University, Lisbon. He is an international expert on sustainable and biological food production.