Welcome back from the holidays!

During August it has been a quiet time here in Portugal, with most of the country being away on holiday. Despite of this, at the Quinta there has been a bit of progress:

Based on the main requirements developed in July and the funding available, I have now drawn up a list of possible properties. Later in September, the exciting time of actually visiting the properties will start!

The business plan has also been refined a little, and the website reflects the changes. The important changes are that rather than being a relatively “closed” community with occasional visitors, the new plan is now more open to regular visitors. This means that we will also encourage retreats and workshops to come and make use of the facilities at the Quinta.

I also got a number of emails asking quite specific questions about how daily life at the Quinta would be like, if people can live there in exchange for work etc… some of these things still have to be worked out. But I updated the “Living” section of the website on the current thinking.

Stay tuned for more news from the Quinta “on the road”. And don’t forget to connect by social media – or email!

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