Have you already checked out The Quinta Project’s new community hub, talk.quinta.lgbt? This is the place for day to day discussions, interesting interactions and sharing of information with community members from around the world! Here are a few good reasons to check out the forums regularly – and a few tips on how to make the most of them!

Talk. Loving Reason 1: It’s about Community!

The Quinta Project already has many followers on social media platforms, and more than 300 newsletter subscribers. However, most don’t know each other: so here is a place to get to know each other and create a real community!

Start by writing an introducing yourself in the Introductions forum – and get to know your fellow changemakers, treehuggers, mavericks and do-gooders!

Check it out here

It is hard (or even impossible) to interact and learn/share on these platforms in a deep and meaningful way. That’s where an online forum becomes more useful: the discussion can continue over time, develop and stay “topical” more easily than on other platforms.

In the forums, you can share lots of inspirational stories, tips of what to do and where to go – or what to watch and read. Have you found a great project? Rave about it in the forums!

Talk. Loving Reason 2: Boast about your Project!

You are really passionate about your project? Your plans? What you do with your life? Great – because we love to hear about it!

Talk to us about your projects or plans. Get feedback and support. Share your wins and get a virtual pat on the back when things don’t quite go the way you intended them to be. Remember: We are a community here – and we are here to support each other on our amazing journeys!

Boast about your plans, project and ideas in the Community Corner!

Go there now – and Share your IDeas!

Talk. Loving Reason 3: Be a Community Resource!

Let’s be honest: you know a lot. You have been to many places. You have great ideas (that’s why you are here, isn’t it?!). And you can share all of them in the community! The other community members want to hear what you think – and posting in the forums can turn all your accumulated knowledge into a great resource for all the other community members.

Top 5 Tips to get started …

  1. Introduce yourself in the Introductions forum!
  2. Boast about your project, your plans, your goals – or share ideas in the Community Corner!
  3. Share some ideas by responding to a few posts!
  4. Oh, why not upload a picture of yourself. We love to see you!
  5. Play a game or solve a riddle in the Chit Chat Lounge!
Let’s Talk and build community!

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