This time I'm really excited to invite you to the Quinta's first party! Yes, we are going to celebrate by having a big Quinta house (or should it be farm, barn, stable party?).



Quinta Spring Party
The party starts on the 24th April at 8pm Lisbon time. During the first hour, we will have a mix of chilled out music and some light hearted games to get to know each other. And at 9pm we will start a dance party with DJ Lazuli (whom yo may have already seen/heard on the Radical Faeries' Global K(no)w Talent Show). Alongside the dance party, we will have a "kitchen" and "chill out" room if you want to talk or connect with each other.


To register for the party, pop to https://quinta.lgbt/event/quinta-project-spring-party/ and fill out the RSVP at the bottom of the page. I'll send you the link a day before the party.

N.B. if you are a maybe, please register anyway. You can just pop in and out of the party at any time!


The Artist's Way Creative Cluster
The Artist's Way is a 12-week journey to discover, uncover, recover and fully unleash your creativity, passion and joy in this peer-supported group based on the book The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. To find out more about the programme, including a weekly syllabus, have a look at the author's website: https://juliacameronlive.com/the-artists-way/ (NB: You do not need to purchase the video course advertised on the site, but you do need a copy of the book to take part!)

TQP is now hosting a "Creative Cluster", which is a peer group for people going through the programme. The cluster meets every Sunday for 13 weeks.

The first cluster meeting is on Sunday, 25 April, at 8 pm Lisbon time. To register for the event, please go to https://quinta.lgbt/event/the-artists-way-creative-cluster/2021-04-25/

And more events...


And there is more happening at the Quinta, so please join us for:


TQP Queer Book Club - Jan Morris
Monday, 26 April @ 7:30 pm
More information/register here: https://quinta.lgbt/event/jan-morris-tqp-queer-book-club/


Quinta Open Space
Thursday, 13 May @ 7:00 pm
More information/register here: https://quinta.lgbt/event/quinta-open-space-2/


Regular "Drop-In for a Coffee" Meets

New to the Quinta? Want to connect? Have a question? Come along to the weekly "Drop-In for a Coffee" meets. The next one's are:

Friday 23 April @ 8:30 and
Tuesday 27 April @ 12:00 noon
More information: https://quinta.lgbt/events/


I'm interested in finding a good time for future meetings. Please take a second to tell me your most convenient time in the forum: https://talk.quinta.lgbt/t/drop-in-time/165


If these dates/times aren't convenient for you, you can always get in contact by scheduling a call here.


This is all for today! I'm looking forward to seeing you at the Party and connect with you soon!



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