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The Quinta Project

9 December 2020

Stephan Dahl

Hello Quintanians!

What can the community do for you? And what can you do for the community? Those were two of the key points we talked about during the first Member Meeting last Monday. 

One suggestion was to stay in contact regularly with our budding community - and what a better place than the community forum (also called talk.). If you haven't had the chance to check it out, why not head over to, have a look and introduce yourself?

There are already some interesting topics emerging in the community forum. Over time, I hope the forum will grow to a really active place where we can share, discuss and create together. 

I'm looking forward to seeing you there! 

P.S. The next newsletter will come out in two weeks. If you have any items or topics you'd like to contribute, please get in contact!

Let's Talk and Build Community

The new community forum at is going to be at the heart of our new home for changemakers, treehuggers and do-gooders (and mavericks, too!). Here are some tips on how to start! 

12 Great Books about Climate Change

Find out more about climate change, see what can be done - and envisage a future and how we can shape it with the help of these 12 books. Thanks to Yale Climate Connections for sharing this list! Have a look here! 

Upcoming Events

The next scheduled event is the monthly Members Meeting on 4. January 2021.

I'm always looking for new event ideas, small seminars or just a good excuse to get together virtually - to connectand get to know each other. If you have any ideas, please let me know!

You can do so, by replying to this email. 


Hot Topics

It's all shiny and new, but there are already a few hot topics in the community forum at .

Check out how to (and why you should) watch GROW, the award-winning documentary about soil. 

And also don't forget to introduce yourself in the new Introduction forum!

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