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Hi Quintarians!

As we are approaching the end of this year, many will say "good riddance" amid the hope for a return to the way we were at the beginning of this year.

When we reflect more deeply, in between all the challenges and upheavals this year brought us, we developed many new and amazing capabilities. We increased our capability to change. Beyond what was imaginable just a few months back.

The main theme during this time has been connection and disconnection. Many suddenly found themselves disconnected from loved ones, others around you, from dreams and projects we were working on. Yet, we also re-connected, reshaped and reflected how to create a more connected path to the future.  As I look back on 2020, I found these two questions (originally asked by Josie MacLean from the Climate Coaching Alliance) very helpful:

  • What's disconnected that needs connecting?
  • What's become connected that needs to remain connected?

As part of the Quinta Project, I'm excited to be connected to so many of you via the online home of queer* changemakers, mavericks, treehuggers and do-gooders! Almost every day, I'm excited to get emails, talk with or hear from some of you who are reaching out and building new connections, contributing to the community and have ideas to grow the project.

Let me tell you from the bottom of my heart: I'm so deeply grateful to you and the many that stepping into the space to make a difference for our community. Thank you to all of you!

As our new online community is becoming alive with regular exchanges, I would love to hear what you are thinking about where we are now - and what we need:
What do we need to connect - and what needs to stay connected in 2021.
Please share your thoughts here.

New: Topic Weeks

Starting in January, The Quinta Project online community will  introduce a featured Topic Week discussion.This is based on a suggestion made by one of out community members (thank you Borgen!!!). What a great idea!
During the week, a member will "curate" the discussion by posting a daily item, question, ... related to their topic of choice - and invite everyone to join the discussion in our forum.
We have three very passionate topics lined up (see below). 
  • Veganism (starting 1. January)
  • World Ecology (starting 18. January)
  • The Eco Queer Movement (1 February)
  • Your topic!? (contact me!)

If you would like to feature a topic that is close to your heart, please give me a shout!

A big heartfelt hug to everyone who is helping in making this project come alive. Please continue to join the debate, talk about the Quinta Project to your friends and be passionate!

You are amazing - and I'm looking forward to connecting more with you in 2021!

Love and virtual hugs

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