Exciting News:

We have acquired a site to develop the land project! The site is located in the Alto Alentejo region (Portalegre District) of Portugal, and we are now developing our ecovillage project there. Stay tuned for updates by following us on social media:

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Our vision for the land

The second phase of the Quinta Project will involve creating a physical space in the countryside for the community.

How will it look like?

The idea is to create a community space where community members can meet other members. It won’t be a big space – or a big conference facility. Rather the idea is to create a small, intimate space in the countryside. Here, we can meet, connect and spend time together to get to know us beyond the virtual meetings and online workshops.

So ideally, the Land Project will consist of a small farm or other rural property. Ideally, it will be quiet, private – but not necessarily remote from everywhere (after all, you want to get there, right?!). We would love it to consist of different spaces to socialise and to learn, share and create together.

Where will it be?

The precise location is is still to be decided…. at the moment, the idea is to search around the border area of Portugal and Spain, which would be close to where the first Quinta was located (Portalegre district in Portugal).

When will it happen?

The hope is to be able to complete the purchase during 2021. Fingers crossed!

Finally: The pictures on this page are from the first Quinta. The next one won’t be the same, obviously 😉