We are creating a diverse and open space of social and environmental action in the form of a LGBT/queer-led community of changemakers, mavericks, treehuggers and dogooders, in short, people who want to change the world for the better.

We proudly serve this community by providing networking, social and educational activities promoting sustainability in all its forms by focusing on 

personal, sustainable development 

ecological responsibility and 

socially inclusive economic development.

Our principles guiding The Quinta Project are based on the three pillars/interconnected circles of sustainability applied to the specific context of a LGBT+/queer-focused community.

We bring together the community – and communities around us. We do this primarily through our events and training.
We also actively work to be inclusive and welcoming, celebrate diversity and encourage our partners to do the same. For example, by promoting social business practices and supporting socailly inclusive and sustainable buisnesses.

Our aim is to be an example of an environmentally focused, regenerative community. We promote practices that focus on living in harmony with nature, environmental awareness and support and help our community to adopt such practices.

We promote a culture which values inclusive, socially and environmentally sustainable business practices. This includes, supporting the growth of social enterprises and socially- and environmentally-concious businesses in our community.