Shared Experiences

As a community we are stronger through our shared experiences. We share the joy and pleasure of living with nature and everybeing, Our events are unique spaces where we can experiment with what we do and how we connect to each other and everybeing. We are offering the different types of events (For a full list of all events, please see our events page.)

Working on the Quinta

Working on the Quinta and on the land offers us a unique experience to grow as a community and to connect to our home.

We organise WorkWeeks around the year, coinciding with key times at the Land Project, such as harvest times.

WorkWeeks are a great way to connect to others and enjoy being on the land together as a community of around 10 people.

If you join us, you will be spending time with fellow “Quinters”, with space for deep conversations, intimate sharing, fun, exuberance, and perhaps a bit of bewilderment.

Up coming workweeks are:

Sep 18
18 September - 26 September
Oct 02
2 October - 10 October
Dec 04
4 December - 12 December

In addition to WorkWeeks, we occasionally host specific Project WorkWeeks. These are dedicated to larger projects, such as restoring a building or putting up structures on the land. Check our events page for more details. 


Outside of WorkWeeks you are invited to come and volunteer on the land. Normally there are between 2 and 5 people on the land.

As a volunteer you are invited to join them in their daily tasks and help with the running of the farm. There is no organised programme of activities, which gives you more flexibility to explore the area by yourself or with your fellow Quinters. 

Contact us to discuss volunteering opportunities after attending a Welcome Meeting.

Theme Weeks

We host “themed” gatherings. The difference to WorkWeeks is that theme weeks are dedicated toward sWe also host themed gatherings. These allow us to focus our attention on specific activities and questions of importance.

As in other weeks, you will complete 4 hours of work each day on the Quinta.

Outside of these hours, time is dedicated to a particular topic, including:

  • local food harvesting and preparation;
  • creative workshops like writing or crafts;
  • eoqueer research and practice;
  • ecofemminism;
  • body nature connections;
  • and more…

A full list of upcoming theme weeks can be found here.

Online and Community Events

We host regular hybrid and online events to allow Quinters who are at the Quinta and those who are away to connect. These events allow people not currently part of the community to join us from anywhere in the world. Among these events are:

  • The Queer Book Club
  • Tea in the Garden
  • Welcome & Orientation Meeting
  • Seasonal Ceremonies
  • Sunday Matinée
  • and others.

You can see a full list of upcoming events in our events calendar.

Welcome Meeting

About the Open Meeting The Welcome Meeting is a space to get to know your fellow community members, find out more about the project and welcome new members. Bring your questions, your energy and maybe a beverage! Accessing the Event:

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Queer Book Club

About the TQP Queer Book Club The TQP Queer Book Club is a lively and engaging discussion group, where we focus on queer and/or writers who focus on sustainability. We aim to focus more on the writer and their works,

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Veg’ Pot Luck

We invite you to bring a vegetarian dish and share it with your local community. This is a presence only event taking place at the Quinta Project. Please contact us for more details!

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Tea in the Garden

The topic of this tea time: Olives! About the Tea in the Garden The Tea in the Garden series if an informal space to talk about all things Quinta, nature and queer - and to enjoy a tea (or other

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