Vision and Values

The Quinta Project’s vision is to build a queer retreat, co-living and learning space.

The Quinta Project builds on many of the ideas of the urbangay vision and is putting these into a rural context. As a community, The Quinta …

  • is welcoming and open to visitors, contributors and members who are living or staying with us
  • embraces diversity and see the Quinta as a space for learning from and growing with each other.
  • is supportive, caring, inclusive, non-judgemental and affirmative of all members of the queer community, their experiences and views.
  • inspires and enables the community to live respectfully, both towards nature, the environment and mankind 
  • builds a sustainable community positively contributing to the earth, our community and the environment by giving back more than we take .
  • aims to be a safe, social and relaxing space for visitors, contributors and members to work and live
  • fosters an environment that is naturist-friendly, body-, age- and sex-positive